SOUTHPORT, CONN. — In March, Earth Animal expanded its Dr. Bob Goldstein’s WISDOM® dog food line with a new catfish formula. The new Catfish WISDOM product is formulated with Chesapeake Bay catfish and premium ingredients to offer balanced nutrition.

Chesapeake Bay catfish is a non-native, invasive species threatening the Chesapeake Bay area, and is also recognized as a “best choice” in sustainable seafood by Seafood Watch. With sustainability top of mind, Earth Animal uses wild-caught, sustainably sourced Chesapeake Bay catfish from supplier NORPEL to help control the invasive species’ spread.

“Introducing Catfish to our WISDOM Dog Food™ line offers an outstanding choice for animals with poultry sensitivities, or prefer an alternative to salmon,” said Bob, Ph.D., and Susan Goldstein, co-founders and chief executive officers, Earth Animal. “We have introduced another exceptionally nutritious food choice for pet parents while also helping to restore one of our country’s vital waterways.”

The new Catfish WISDOM dog food is formulated with marine microalgae to offer a concentrated form of Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps support healthy heart, joints, skin and coat, and brain development in dogs. The food includes fermented postbiotic TruMune™, a functional ingredient by Cargill’s Diamond V business, to support health and wellbeing. Postbiotics combine the nutrition of both prebiotics and probiotics to help dogs maintain a healthy digestive system and gut. Earth Animal plans to add TruMune postbiotics to its other products within the WISDOM line.

Catfish WISDOM is produced and air-dried in an SQF-certified human-grade facility in the United States. The food is also formulated with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and includes Dr. Bob’s Vitality Cubes™ made with protein, sprouted seeds, fruit and vegetable extracts, and vitamins and minerals.

“WISDOM is the food we dreamed about making for years,” the Goldsteins said. “We know firsthand the power of proper nutrition and its positive impact on an animal’s life. WISDOM represents over 35 years of our life's work, both personally with generations of our own animals and professionally with thousands of patients.”

The dog food contains no grain, gluten, soy, corn, rice, iodized salt, sugar or artificial ingredients. Catfish WISDOM is available in 1-lb, 3-lb and 10-lb bags at independent pet retailers and on Earth Animal’s e-commerce site.

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