ST. LOUIS — Since first introducing its breakthrough allergen-reducing cat food formula in February 2020, Nestlé Purina PetCare has been expanding the line to include additional formulations and age-specific options. 

The Pro Plan LiveClear line now includes seven formulas — Adult Chicken & Rice, Adult Salmon & Rice, Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Turkey & Oatmeal, Adult Weight Management, Adult Indoor, Adult 7+ Prime Plus and Kitten Chicken & Rice. Chicken, salmon or turkey is the No. 1 ingredient in each formula, and they are all fortified with Omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin A to support skin and coat health and healthy vision. 

The LiveClear Kitten formula specifically includes DHA to aid brain and vision development, live probiotics and antioxidants to support digestive and immune system health, and calcium, phosphorus and other minerals for strong bone development.

LiveClear Adult 7+ Prime Plus is designed specifically for senior cats. It includes a proprietary blend of nutrients known to improve and extend the lifespan of cats who are 7 years old or older, according to research conducted by the company. 

LiveClear Adult Indoor is formulated with 10% less fat than the original LiveClear formula, which assists healthy weight maintenance. The Adult Indoor diet also includes natural prebiotic fiber from chicory root to support digestive health, and is high in protein to promote lean muscle preservation.

The LiveClear Adult Weight Management recipe has 20% less fat than the original LiveClear formula for cat owners seeking a more slimming diet for their feline companions.

Additionally, the Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach recipe is designed with oatmeal, live probiotics and natural prebiotic fiber to support digestive health. 

In June 2019, Purina first announced it had developed an egg-based ingredient containing antibodies of Fel d1, a type of protein that originates in feline saliva and acts as a major allergen. When consumed, the egg ingredient binds with Fel d1 and neutralizes it, therefore neutralizing the allergen at the source, preventing it from spreading through hair and dander, and ultimately reducing the presence of the allergen — along with the adverse reactions it causes in humans — in the environment.

This nutritional solution does not alter the nutrition or physiology of the cat but can significantly reduce the major allergen by 47% on average after three weeks of feeding, according to Purina. 

Earlier this year, Purina received the 2021 Product of the Year award, a consumer-voted recognition facilitated by global consumer research firm Kantar, for its Pro Plan LiveClear formulas.

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