ST. LOUIS — Tiki Cat®, a line of cat foods and treats owned by Whitebridge Pet Brands, launched its latest cat nutrition solution on Sept. 20. The new product line, Tiki Cat Baby™, formulated specifically for kittens from birth to 12 months.

The first product in this line is a supplement designed specifically for underweight kittens.

The smooth, liquid supplement is formulated for easy consumption and digestion, formulated with chicken, liver and egg. It includes 28% fat and 25 calories per packet to promote energy and healthy weight gain, the company stated.

Tiki Pets® cited Pet WebMD in stating newborn kittens should gain at least 10 grams of body weight each day during development. The brand noted this level of normal weight gain may necessitate supplementation in some cases.

“If a newborn kitten is underweight or losing weight, the first thing the pet parent should do is consult a veterinarian to make sure there are no underlying health issues,” said Ann Hudson, vice president of marketing at Tiki Pets.  “If not, then Tiki Cat Baby Thrive can provide a perfect solution to get kittens up to their ideal weight and keep them on their growth target, with healthy supplemental protein and high calories packed into a small serving that tiny stomachs can handle.”

Tiki Cat Baby Thrive supplements are sold in packs of 20 single-serve pouches.

This latest supplement is joined by three other Tiki Cat Baby formulas, including Mousse & Shreds, a “starter food” featuring mousse and finely shredded poultry proteins. This diet is designed for weaning kittens at least 4 weeks old.

The other two formulas are whole-food formulas — Chicken & Salmon Recipe and Chicken & Egg Recipe — that are appropriate for kittens between the ages of 8 weeks and one year. They include high protein and fat levels to support growth.

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