ST. LOUIS — Nestlé Purina PetCare announced Feb. 18 it has received the 2021 Product of the Year award, a consumer-voted recognition facilitated by global consumer research firm Kantar, for its Pro Plan LiveClear allergen-reducing cat food formulas.

Purina launched LiveClear in February 2020 after more than a decade of research dedicated to addressing and mitigating a major cat allergen causing adverse reactions in humans. In a national survey conducted by Kantar, 40,000 US consumers chose LiveClear as the No. 1 recently launched product in the cat care category.

"Many people think that cat hair is the problem, but it's actually what's on it – the major cat allergen called Fel d 1," said Ebenezer Satyaraj, Ph.D., immunologist with Purina and lead researcher for Pro Plan LiveClear. "Fel d 1 is produced naturally in cat saliva, and when they groom themselves, it gets on the hair and skin through the saliva, and ultimately into the environment."

The formula includes an egg-based protein that effectively inhibits Fel d1 at its source – in a cat’s mouth. This reduces the spread of the allergen from saliva to hair and dander, therefore reducing the allergen and the risk of allergic reactions in the surrounding environment.

According to a survey conducted by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), roughly 25% of cat owners in the United States are sensitive to cat allergens, or have someone in their household who is. As a solution, Purina’s LiveClear formulas have been shown to significantly reduce Fel d1 in cat hair and dander in as little as three weeks, the company stated.

The diet was introduced in the Canadian pet market in October 2020, and is available for purchase through pet specialty stores and select online retailers. The LiveClear line currently includes three formulas for adult cats: chicken and rice, salmon and rice, and turkey and oatmeal for cats with sensitive skin and stomachs.

Purina plans to launch three new LiveClear formulas in March, including a weight management formula, an indoor formula and an “Adult 7+ Prime Plus” formula for older cats.

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