TORONTO, CANADA — Purina Pro Plan’s LiveClear allergen-reducing cat food is now available throughout Canada starting this month.

The diet was first launched in the United States in February after the company developed the diet with a specific egg-based protein that inhibits Fel d1, the major cat allergen originating in feline saliva that causes allergic reactions in humans.

“Cat-owning households are trying a variety of ways to manage cat allergens – but ultimately 62% say their current methods are only somewhat effective or not effective at all,” said Kurt Venator, DVM, Ph.D., chief veterinary officer at Purina. “Pro Plan LiveClear offers a revolutionary new approach to managing cat allergens, with the power to help cat owners be closer to the cats they love.”

A study [Satyaraj, E., Gardner, C., Filipi, I., Cramer, K., & Sherrill, S. (2019). Reduction of active Fel d1 from cats using an antiFel d1 egg IgY antibody. Immunity, inflammation and disease, 7(2), 68–73. doi:10.1002/iid3.244] showed LiveClear could reduce allergens in cat hair and dander by an average of 47% within the first three weeks of daily feeding.

Purina reported as many as one in five adults around the world are sensitive to cat allergens, but 84% of cat owners are unwilling to give up their cat based on veterinary advice in order to reduce allergens. The company also stated its LiveClear diet is not intended to replace other strategies for reducing cat allergens, but rather as an added measure.

Purina’s two LiveClear formulas —chicken and rice and salmon and rice — will be sold throughout Canada at pet specialty retail stores, e-commerce platforms and veterinary clinics.

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