LONDON — KatKin, a fresh cat food brand, announced the appointment of Lloyd Page to chief marketing officer. Page will lead KatKin’s integrated marketing team and play a key role in its next stage of growth.

Prior to joining KatKin, Page served as chief marketing officer at Motorway, during which he played a role in helping secure series B and C funding rounds. He has also held senior roles at Moneysupermarket Group, during which he helped support the brand through its successful relaunch, as well as at Virgin Media and John Lewis. 

According to KatKin, Page’s appointment comes at a key moment of growth for the brand as cat ownership flourishes throughout the United Kingdom. Additionally, cat parents are dedicating more money to their beloved companions, providing an opportunity for KatKin’s fresh, premium nutritional products. 

“KatKin’s mission is to change cat lives,” said Ed Westcott, co-chief executive officer of KatKin. “And we’re doing it with our fresh food: 100% human-quality meat, gently cooked to retain nutrients and frozen to stay fresh. With Lloyd’s experience and expertise on our team, even more cat parents will hear about and understand the amazing health benefits of feeding fresh.

“Bringing our first chief marketing officer onboard will help us accelerate our growth. Spread our message. Change the cat food industry for the better,” he added. “And make sure even more cats get the real meat they were born to eat.”

As the UK’s first and only fresh cat food brand, according to KatKin, the brand has fed more than 50 million meals to cats, to date. KatKin’s cat foods are formulated with 100% human-quality meat to mimic a cat’s ancestral diet. The foods are also free from grains and fillers, according to the brand. 

“Cats are obligate carnivores; they were born to eat meat, and a meat diet gives them the healthiest and happiest life possible,” Page said. “KatKin’s fresh recipes allow cat parents to feed their cats the very best diet possible.

“I’m excited to join a business that’s defining and leading the fresh cat food category, significantly raising the standard of cat care compared to established legacy brands,” he added. “We’ve a huge opportunity to drive awareness and understanding of the benefits of feeding fresh, and I can’t wait to get to work with the purpose-led, passionate team at KatKin.”

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