LONDON — KatKin, the United Kingdom’s first fresh cat food brand, announced that Matt Jackson-Smith has joined the brand as its first vet ambassador. 

Jackson-Smith is a veterinary professional and star of the UK TV show “The Yorkshire Vet.” He trained at the University of Glasgow and currently works at Donaldson’s Vets in Huddersfield, England, where he provides care to farm and domestic animals. 

Prior to joining KatKin, Jackson-Smith was first introduced to the brand through feeding it to his cat Jasper. 

“We’ve had Jasper on KatKin for about three months, and the transformation has been really quite significant,” he said. “He’s a big, big fan of KatKin. And to be fair, he looks fantastic for it.

Matt Jackson-Smith with his cat Jasper

Matt Jackson-Smith with his cat Jasper.

| Source: KatKin

“I met the KatKin team, and what a fantastic bunch they are,” Jackson-Smith added. “I have never seen as many people as dedicated to cats and their welfare. It was really quite moving. I’m proud to be on board with them.”

Jackson-Smith will serve as a vet ambassador for the brand, appearing in videos and at events to raise brand awareness. He will also help raise awareness on the benefits of feeding cats fresh food, which, according to KatKin, includes various health benefits. 

KatKin’s cat food formulas are made with “human-quality” meat and are gently cooked to preserve nutrients, according to the brand. The formulas are frozen to ensure freshness and contain no preservatives.

“Here at KatKin, we’re on a mission to change as many cat lives as possible by giving them the healthiest, tastiest fresh food possible,” said Brett O’Farrell, co-founder and chief executive officer of KatKin. “And we’re thrilled to welcome Matt Jackson-Smith, a highly respected veterinary professional, as a vet ambassador for our challenger brand.

“Our fresh recipes are what cats were born to eat: 100% real, human-quality meat. Gently cooked to protect nutrients, and frozen to stay fresh,” he added. “We won’t rest until every cat in the United Kingdom is eating the real meat they were born to eat. And we’re proud that Matt is joining us in the fight for fresh.”

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