FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Veritas Farms, a hemp oil business, has added a line of full-spectrum hemp oil pet chews under its newly created Veritas Pets brand.

Three pet chew varieties will launch first, including a skin and allergy relief formula with EPA and DHA; calming chews with chamomile and valerian root; and mobility support chews with glucosamine and chondroitin. Each of these formulas will deliver 10 mgs of full-spectrum hemp oil per chew.

All Veritas’ pet products are currently formulated for dogs only.

“We designed each new pet product with premium, targeted ingredients along with our full-spectrum hemp oil to help pets and pet owners alike to find balance and wellness in their day,” said Alexander Salgado, CEO and co-founder of Veritas Farms.

The company first announced its new pet line on Jan. 21, citing Brightfield Group that the marketplace for CBD pet products could grow to $1.16 billion by 2022. Veritas has since launched its three pet chews, three full-spectrum CBD-infused topical pet products, and offers two flavored CBD tinctures to capitalize on expected growth in this market.

“Our team has spent countless hours on this new product line, and we believe that our Veritas Pets™ products are superior to many of the CBD pet products you may see on the shelf,” Salgado added. “In addition, we now have plans to distribute these products to pet stores across the nation and we expect to announce additions to and expansion of the Veritas Pets™ product line in the coming months.”

Veritas Farms is vertically integrated, with a hand in every step of its CBD product development process from seed to shelf. The company says the full-spectrum hemp oil for its pet products is cultivated and extracted from its hemp farm in Pueblo, Colorado.

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