BURLINGTON, MASS. — Wellness Pet Company recently showcased its newest innovations across its dog and cat food lines at Global Pet Expo 2024 from March 20 to 22. For cats, the company introduced CORE+™ dry and canned foods, Lickable Treats and Appetizing Entrées™. For dogs, the company teased a new Complete Health® recipe, an expansion of its CORE+ line, and new Bowl Boosters® Hearty Toppers.

The CORE+ line is a new addition to Wellness’ wet and dry cat food portfolio. The recipes provide scientifically proven, natural nutrition fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients to support feline health and wellness. This line offers two varieties: Pate Canned Cat Food and Dry Cat Food. The foods are formulated with Wellness’ 5 Signs of Wellbeing™ top of mind, and are also designed to support the unique needs of felines with varieties to support immune health, digestive health, skin and coat, hairball control and healthy weight. 

Wellness’ new Lickable Treats are complete-and-balanced pureed treats in a handheld format. The treats are formulated with prebiotic fiber to support digestive health, and select recipes are also formulated to support immune and skin and coat health. These treats are available in three recipes for adult cats. 

New Wellness® Lickable Treats and Appetizing Entrées™ for cats

New Wellness® Lickable Treats and Appetizing Entrées™ for cats.

| Source: Sosland Publishing Co. / Jordan Tyler

The new Appetizing Entrées are complete-and-balanced formulas, aiming to provide additional meal options for felines. Formulated to help promote hydration, this line includes shredded, mousse and flaked formats in nine different varieties. Wellness Appetizing Entrées will be available this summer. 

In addition to these new products for cats, Wellness also teased expansions of its existing lines for dogs. New dry products include Wellness® Complete Health® Adult Beef & Barley Recipe as part of the company’s Complete Health line. The dog food is formulated with a nutrient blend of wholesome ingredients including beef, Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, pre- and probiotics, and taurine to support overall health and wellness.

The company has also introduced new dog foods under its CORE+ line, formerly known as CORE RawRev®, which combines kibble with freeze-dried protein pieces. The line now includes a Beef & Barley Recipe and a Large Breed Recipe, rounding out the current Grain Free and Wholesome Grains Recipes. These offerings are formulated to support Wellness’ 5 Signs of Wellbeing, packed with high-protein nutrients, vitamins B1, B2 and B3, pro- and prebiotics, and dietary fiber to support sustained energy, healthy digestion, immune health, teeth, bones, and skin and coat. 

Wellness Pet Company’s offerings for dogs

Wellness Pet Company’s offerings for dogs. 

| Source: Sosland Publishing Co. / Jordan Tyler
As pet parents seek to enhance their dogs’ mealtimes, Wellness has also introduced new Bowl Boosters® Hearty Toppers. The toppers are formulated with high-quality protein and nutrients to provide a boost of nutrition and support digestive, immune and skin and coat health. The Bowl Boosters are available in three varieties, each pairing protein with vegetables: beef and green beans, turkey and sweet potatoes, and chicken and pumpkin. 

For treating, Wellness also showcased its Old Mother Hubbard® Wholesome Indulgences Treats for canines. The treats are all-natural and have a soft, moisture texture. They are available in two flavors: peanut butter and banana, and bacon, oats and maple to provide an indulgent treating experience. 

“We’re continuing to see that pet parents want to address their pets’ unique health needs with proven nutrition while still being able to choose from a variety of recipes, flavors and textures,” said Danielle Bernal, DVM, global veterinarian with Wellness Pet Company. “Our continued expansion of natural cat and dog foods, as well as toppers and treats, showcase our ongoing effort to support furry friends’ unique needs and preferences when treating and at mealtime and helping support a life of shared wellbeing together.”

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