CHICAGO — Farm To Pet, a producer of all-natural, single-ingredient pet treats and chews, announced the launch of its Pet Treat Food Toppers on April 2. The topper is a powdered version of Farm To Pet’s Chicken Chips and Turkey Chips pet treats, designed to be added to a dog’s existing complete-and-balanced diet for a boost of protein. 

Since the toppers are made from Farm To Pet’s pet treats, they offer low-allergen, low-fat benefits and are also made without any added fillers or preservatives, according to the company. The Treat Toppers are only formulated with human-grade poultry, offering high-protein nutrition. 

“Not only do Treat Toppers provide the many benefits of Farm To Pet’s signature treats, they also offer added versatility and a convenient way to increase the flavor, nutrient and protein content of pets’ meals,” said Jackson Jones, founder of Farm To Pet. “In fact, at over 80% protein content, Treat Toppers offer 2 to 3-times the protein of other options on the market.”

According to Farm To Pet, the toppers serve as a healthy supplement, supporting muscle development and overall wellness during mealtime. Additionally, due to their powdered format, the toppers are easy for pet parents to administer, as they can be sprinkled, shaken or spooned onto dry kibbles and wet foods, as well as added to slow feeders and training mats as a treat. The toppers’ powdered form is “next-generation,” according to Farm To Pet. The texture features slightly larger particles, less moisture and greater consistency to help ensure ease of consumption. 

The Treat Toppers are great for finicky eaters, senior dogs who may prefer to gum rather than chew their food, and puppies who could benefit from additional protein to support development, according to Farm To Pet. 

Farm To Pet’s new Pet Treat Food Toppers are available in Pure Chicken and Pure Turkey recipes, as well as a combo pack. The toppers are packaged in break-resistant glass jars with an easy-to-use double flip cap. 

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