ORLANDO, FLA. — Veterinarian, APPI- and female-founded pet supplement brand Fera Pets, Inc. is providing a sneak peek of its newest products during Global Pet Expo this week. Through these new products, the brand is aiming to expand on its mission of providing natural, holistic supplements to pets.

The new products are debuting at Fera Pets’ booth #646, and include three supplements — Whole Food Multivitamin, Postbiotics Plus, and Collagen Plus — and a pet balm, all suitable for dogs and cats.

Whole Food Multivitamin is a blend of fruits, vegetables and organ meats, all with nutrients designed to serve as a complement to a pets’ existing diet, providing additional nutrients. This multivitamin supplement aims to support overall pet wellness, according to Fera Pets.

Postbiotics Plus offers gut health benefits and immune support to pets, homing in on the microbiome. This postbiotic supplement is specifically formulated to deliver metabolites to help maintain a healthy intestinal tract, enhance immunity, support normal digestive function and a healthy inflammatory response.

Collagen Plus is a supplement that aims to provide the same benefits that humans experience when using collagen. It can help support joint, skin and gut health while also supporting strong bones and muscles in pets, according to Fera Pets.

These new products come off the heels of General Mills’ acquisition of Fera Pets in November 2023. The brand has been integrated into General Mills’ new growth equity fund, which serves as the third pillar of its Gold Medal Ventures.

All of Fera’s products are backed by science, fusing Eastern and Western medicinal practices and leveraging high-quality ingredients. The brand was founded by Veterinarian Michelle Dulake, DVM, and Emily Hsu.

“We’ve been busy the last year here at Fera Pets,” Dulake shared. “We launched our new line of Goat Milk Toppers, among other new supplements, achieved incredible milestones in our sustainability efforts, gave back to the pet community, and announced the acquisition of Fera Pets, Inc. to General Mills. Now, we are thrilled to give Global Pet Expo attendees a peek at our next suite of new pet wellness products and what’s to come in 2024.”

Fera Pets’ latest products innovations will be available to the market later this spring.

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