NEW YORK — Antelope Pets’ Ark Naturals brand introduced its newest products — a line of cat dental treats designed to promote dental health and overall wellbeing.

According to several industry studies, oral health issues are common in felines with an estimated 50% to 90% of cats aged four and older suffering from some sort of dental disease. With this in mind, pet parents are increasingly seeking nutritional solutions, like treats, that support their pets’ oral health.  

According to Antelope Pets, it and Ark Naturals understand the importance of oral hygiene in felines and created these treats to provide a litany of benefits in one convenient package.

“At Antelope, we constantly seek out innovative solutions to enhance pet care, and the introduction of Ark Naturals’ new cat dental products aligns perfectly with our mission,” said Wendy Wen, founder and chief executive officer of Antelope. “We understand the significance of oral health for pets, and Ark Naturals products are committed to quality and efficacy. By offering these dental products, we aim to elevate the standard of feline care and provide cat owners with convenient, effective solutions to support their cats’ dental hygiene.”

The new line consists of three products, each targeting a specific aspect of oral health: Cleaning Crunchy Chews, Strengthening Crunchy Chews and Lickable Dental Treats.

The Cleaning Crunchy Chews aim to help clean teeth and freshen breath with a crunchy texture and a toothpaste center. These treats are available in tuna and chicken flavors. The Strengthening Crunchy Chews also feature a toothpaste center, and are formulated with calcium to help strengthen teeth. These treats are also available in tuna and chicken flavors.

Ark Naturals' new Lickable Dental Treats for catsSource: Antelope Pets + Ark Naturals

The Lickable Dental Treats are wet tube treats designed to support oral health with a toothpaste center and are also formulated with taurine and Omega fatty acids to promote overall wellness. These wet treats are available in tuna, chicken and salmon flavors.

“Our team meticulously developed these dental products with both functionality and palatability in mind,” said Annie Shen, vice president of product at Antelope. “Crafted with premium ingredients, these products not only promote dental health but also offer a delightful taste that cats will actually enjoy.”

Ark Naturals new cat dental treats will officially launch on March 1 with availability at PetSmart and independent pet stores throughout the United States. The products will also be available online via Amazon, Chewy and

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