ST. CHARLES, MO. — On July 7, Royal Canin introduced its new urinary care adult cat food formula, citing a rise in cat ownership and adoption around the globe.

The formula is balanced with a healthy mineral content and can support urinary health after 10 days of feeding, according to Royal Canin. It incorporates 10 different urinary ions, pH and effective minerals for maintaining urinary health.

"ROYAL CANIN® URINARY CARE represents new innovation for healthy cats and pet owners who want to proactively support lower urinary tract health in their cats," said Dr. Catherine Lenox, board-certified veterinary nutritionist and regulatory veterinary manager for Royal Canin. "URINARY CARE is a great choice for healthy adult cats with an indoor or sedentary lifestyle whose owners are looking for more nutritional benefits for urinary health than a typical feline maintenance diet."

The formula is specifically for adult cats who primarily consume dry kibble, live indoors and have a generally low water intake.

Royal Canin’s new urinary cat food formula is available through pet specialty stores across the United States.

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