TEWKSBURY, MASS. — WellPet, LLC announced Aug. 16 several new pet food and treat products launching now and in 2022, including formulations specifically for puppies, kittens and senior pets.

"As we continue to grow in the premium pet nutrition category, we're proud to introduce even more ways to ensure that every pet — no matter the life stage, breed or dietary restriction — is supported with natural nutrition to set up a lifetime of wellbeing," said Chanda Leary-Coutu, director of consumer experience at WellPet.

Launching now are Wellness Complete Health wet diets for kittens and WHIMZEES Value Packs assorted dental treats for dogs. Wellness Complete Health wet kitten foods are formulated with high-quality protein, DHA and taurine to support brain and eye development and overall growth. The line includes two formulas: whitefish and tuna, and chicken.

WHIMZEES Value Packs with assorted dental chews for dogsWHIMZEES new Value Packs feature a variety of dental chew shapes to support dental hygiene. The brand’s classic brushzees® toothbrush-shaped dental treats, as well as its stix and alligator shapes, are all included. According to WellPet, roughly 80% of adult dogs deal with dental disease. WHIMZEES Value Packs offer owners a fun way to effectively clean teeth, reduce plaque and tartar buildup, and freshen breath.

"Our expansion of the Wellness and WHIMZEES brands gives pet parents even more ways to serve up outcome-based nutrition at mealtime with long-term benefits they'll be able to see first-hand in their pets,” Leary-Coutu said.

In 2022, WellPet will launch an age-specific CORE Digestive Health diet, formulated with probiotics, digestive enzymes and prebiotic fibers to support gut health in senior dogs and puppies. The diet will also support skin and coat health, overall immunity and vitality for the oldest and youngest canine companions alike.

Also coming next year is a plant-based CORE Digestive Health recipe for dogs. This meatless, highly digestible formula incorporates plants and eggs as key protein sources and will be the first 100% plant-based formula to be offered by Wellness Natural Pet Food.

WellPet will be exhibiting these new products and others at SuperZoo 2021 in Las Vegas this week, Aug. 17 to 19, at booth #3831.

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