BOSTON — Polkadog, a pet treat company focused on sustainability, announced a partnership with Walden Local Meat Co., a direct-to-consumer meat-shipping program. As part of the collaboration, the New England-based companies will create a new, single-ingredient pet treat: Polkadog Pork Jerky.

Founded originally as a single brick-and-mortar dog treat boutique, Polkadog has grown into an international pet treat business. The company operates a shipping facility, eight retail locations and an industrial kitchen throughout the Boston area. The company practices sustainable fishing and farming to reduce its impact on the environment.

Polkadog’s products span single-ingredient treats, dog food and treats, cat food and treats, and pet supplies. The company’s single-ingredient treats include Cod Skins, Chicken-Strip Jerky, Haddock Skins, Alaskan Salmon and Cod Strips, and much more. All its products are made with natural, responsibly sourced ingredients developed in small batches at the Boston Fish Pier daily.

“We are really excited for this partnership with Polkadog,” said Mike Leahy, head of brand and marketing for Walden Local Meat. “It’s a fantastic way to create top-quality treats and help respect the entire animal our partner farmers raise. Truly a win for us all — furry friends included.”

Walden Local Meat sells environmentally friendly meat products, partnering with small farms and environmentally focused companies like Polkadog. The company will sell Polkadog’s new Pork Jerky treats at its brick-and-mortar location in Boston and will also sell the treat through its meat share program, which serves customers in the Northeast, from Maine to New Jersey.

“We love everything about Walden Local Meat,” said Deb Suchman, founder of Polkadog. “Their South End shop, literally four blocks down the street, only sells pasture-raised meats from their small partner farms in New England and New York. Walden’s focus reconnects the local agricultural economy to companies like Polkadog, who work out of local kitchens and production facilities.”

The new Pork Jerky pet treat will debut at SuperZoo 2022 and will hit the market later this fall.

In conjunction with the new treat partnership, Polkadog has also revealed that it has expanded its operations. The company invested in a new drying room, which almost doubles their production capacity.

With the expansion, the company plans to increase its training treat portfolio with Wonder Nuggets Mini Tubes. The treats are specifically designed for training pets and will be available in Peanut Butter, Turkey and Cranberry, Beef and Sweet Potato, and Pork and Apple varieties.

The expansion also allows the company to form new local partnerships focused on sustainability.

“We’ve worked with small retailers across the country for two decades,” Suchman said. “Each neighborhood has its own personality and its own needs, its own local flavor. Celebrating and supporting those differences is the key to strong, healthy communities.”   

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