TROY, VA. and MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO — BIO-CAT, Inc., a probiotic manufacturer, has formed a partnership with global distributor Caldic North America to bring its probiotic strains and OPTIFEED® ingredient brand to the companion animal nutrition sector in North America.

Founded in 1988, BIO-CAT produces specialty enzymes, probiotics and microbials for human and animal nutrition, as well as sustainable crop science. The company’s portfolio focuses on natural and non-genetically engineered products for customized nutritional solutions.

For animal nutrition specifically, BIO-CAT offers single- to multi-enzyme blends and microbials to support digestive health through BIO-CAT Microbials, the company’s vertically integrated FDA-registered and SQF-certified human-grade fermentation facility in Shakopee, Minn. BIO-CAT’s probiotic line OPTIFEED is premium, safe, effective, approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and has been shown to provide animals with gastrointestinal and digestive health benefits, according to the company.

“BIO-CAT Microbials’ expertise in probiotic strain development and fermentation is a great match for Caldic’s exceptional distribution solutions,” said Chris Schuler, president and chief executive officer of BIO-CAT. “We value Caldic’s commitment to the companion animal space and their ability to scale our OPTIFEED® probiotic business within their customer base. We look forward to a successful collaboration and exclusive partnership with Caldic.”

Based in Mississauga, Caldic North America aims to serve as a one-stop shop for the food industry, offering sourcing, research and development, warehousing and distribution services, and more. The company currently offers more than 5,000 ingredients from over 300 suppliers throughout the globe.

“This partnership with BIO-CAT significantly strengthens Caldic’s existing companion animal portfolio adding a range of innovative and customizable solutions to inspire quality pet food and health,” said Liz Parker, director of companion animal health and nutrition of Caldic North America. “As the importance of pet companionship is widely recognized, domestic animal owners are increasingly keen to provide their pets with nutritionally high-performing food, treats and supplements. The expert know-how our R&D team has acquired in pet food when formulating with our antioxidants range, Dadex®, and our custom vitamin and mineral blends, Daminaide®, will greatly benefit the solutions we can deliver across North America while partnering with BIO-CAT.”

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