CHICAGO — ADM has opened a production facility in Valencia, Spain. Chicago-based ADM said it invested more than $30 million in the plant, which is expected to help meet rising global demand for probiotics, postbiotics and other products that support health and wellbeing in the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

ADM said the facility is the world’s first to produce both probiotics and postbiotics at the same site and will increase the company’s production capacity by more than five-fold, to 50 tonnes per year.

“Health and wellbeing is one of the three enduring trends powering ADM’s growth strategy: Consumers are increasingly aware of the role their gut microbiome can play in their everyday lives, and they’re seeking nutrition solutions that are backed up by science-based research,” said Mark Lotsch, president, Global Health & Wellness. “ADM is a leader in meeting this growing global demand, and we’re continuing to invest in the cutting edge of health and nutrition.”

ADM plans to produce probiotic BPL1 and the heat-treated BPL1 postbiotic at the plant, as well as other proprietary strains. The facility also will support growth of ADM’s UK-leading Bio-Kult brand of products, the company noted.

The facility is located close to ADM’s pioneering research and development center in the University of Valencia Scientific Park, where ADM scientists participate in next-generation genome sequencing and early-stage testing of new bacterial strains. 

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