AUSTIN, TEXAS — New dog supplement brand Arterra launched on Dec. 19, aiming to define a new standard for the industry and help dogs live happier, healthier and longer lives. The brand offers a variety of cutting-edge supplements specifically designed to slow down aging.

Arterra is backed by venture capitalists, including Boulder Food Group and Gestalt Idea Group, and was founded by Jonathan Willbanks, chief executive officer of the brand.

“When I was in college in Los Angeles, I adopted a stray dog; he was emaciated, abused and desperate for a good home,” Willbanks shared. “I named him Arturo and he became my best friend. As I noticed him starting to age, I began applying my knowledge of health and wellness to his daily life — first optimizing his diet, then one by one adding premium supplements to his regimen. He ended up living to be 16 and a half and in nearly perfect health; 6 years older than the average lifespan for his breed.

“We’ve taken his formula and worked with leading integrative veterinarians to enhance it, bringing the high quality of care my best friend received to dog owners everywhere,” he added. “Our mission with Arterra is to bring the care Arturo received to all dog owners, with none of the work and at a fraction of the cost.”

Arterra’s supplements are all-in-one formulas designed to support a dog’s entire body health by supporting underlying structural health and function of all key body systems involved in degenerative aging, in order to help create a higher quality of life. The brand leverages 63 premium, science-backed ingredients to support joints, cognition, mood, immune health, allergies, gut and organ health, like collagen, bone broth protein, Lion’s Mane, ashwagandha, cordyceps, turmeric and other active ingredients.

The brand uses an “entourage effect,” meaning that its supplements are developed with various compounds and ingredients that support health through multiple directions rather than through a single vector, according to Arterra. Formulas include an Adult Support formula for dogs ages 18 months to 7 years, and a Senior Support formula for dogs 8 years old and up. The supplements are bacon flavored.

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