NEW YORK — On Oct. 29, INABA launched a new commercial on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, showcasing real cats around the nation enjoying INABA’s Churu treats. The ad campaign aims to engage consumers and is timed to celebrate National Cat Day. The commercial will run through Nov. 5.

The cat-centric commercial uses videos from INABA’s “Who’s the Cat’s MEOW Challenge,” which asked consumers to post videos of their cats enjoying Churu cat treats using #MeowForChuru on social media. The commercial was made from 519 consumer submissions.

“We wish we could have featured every cat — they were all so cute,” said Brad Schild, director of sales and marketing at INABA. “We loved seeing these happy cats and pet parents enjoying each other's company, and we're proud to know we're helping feed their happiness. All of our foods are intended to make treat time fun, and these videos show just that.”

In addition to its big debut in Times Square, the commercial will also run on INABA’s website and social media channels. The ad campaign aims to highlight how Churu treats can help foster cat parents’ bond with their felines through handfeeding. INABA’s Churu cat treats come in tube packaging, allowing cat owners to be more involved in the treating experience.

Churu treats are formulated with fresh and ethically sourced ingredients, including tuna, bonito and chicken. All protein sources are free from preservatives and artificial colors, according to INABA. Churu treats come in 19 flavors, as well as eight formulas that offer functional benefits, like hairball control or skin and coat health upsides.

INABA’s Churu treats are available in pet stores throughout the United States, including PetSmart, Petco and Pet Supplies Plus, as well as at independent pet retail locations. The treats are also available online via Amazon, Chewy, Walmart and TSC.

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