COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UTAH — Steve’s Real Food announced earlier this month it has launched a new line of freeze-dried raw pet treats: Protein Bites. The treats are formulated with human-grade meat, organic fermented superfoods and herbs, coconut oil, and locally sourced raw honey, according to the company.

Made for both dogs and cats, Protein Bites contain 80% animal meat and 20% fermented organic superfoods. The products are created using a “wild fermentation” method, which, according to Steve’s Real Food, provides for a more diverse range of probiotics in the treats.

The fermented organic superfoods blend includes fennel, collard greens and ginger, to name a few ingredients. According to Gussy’s Gut and Steve’s Real Food, the fermented blend is packed with antioxidants and contains more than 180 minerals. The blend is designed to support nutrient absorption and digestion.

The treats were co-developed by Ian Billinghurst, DVM, a veterinarian, author and raw feeding advocate, and Gussy’s Gut, a fermented superfoods blend supplier for dog and cat nutrition.

“Now your dog can have quality protein plus the unique wild fermentation process designed by Gussy's Gut,” said Rob Ryan, founder of Gussy’s Gut. “Our mission is to ‘support radically healthy, naturally resilient, balanced, and joyful dogs to live their very best lives.’ We believe this product has taken us another step toward that mission.”

Protein Bites are available in chicken and lamb recipes, both sold in 4-oz packages.

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