ST. LOUIS — On Oct. 16, Native Pet announced the launch of its latest innovation: The Daily. The new all-in-one supplement aims to serve as a science-backed, everyday solution for supporting various areas of dog health and wellness.

“After years of research and development, we’re thrilled to introduce The Daily,” said Dan Schaefer, co-founder and chief executive of Native Pet. “This all-in-one supplement is the first of its kind, packing all the powerful ingredients your dog needs into one tasty and science-backed scoop. Since we know kibble only goes so far, we created The Daily to fit seamlessly into your pet’s daily routine and support them through all phases of their tail-wagging lives.”

The Daily took years to develop and uses the highest quality and most efficacious ingredients, according to Native Pet. It comes in a powdered format to ensure ingredient integrity and product efficacy. The Daily features the “cleanest label possible,” according to the company, formulated with active, whole-food ingredients that align with The Native Pet Pact.

Native Pet's new The Daily powdered dog supplementSource: Native Pet

“We worked hand-in-hand with a team of vet nutritionists, veterinarians and food scientists, and we’re proud to introduce this everyday wellness supplement to support the most common ailments in canine health,” said Pat Barron, co-founder and chief operating officer of Native Pet. “We are committed to formulating only the very best products for our pets, which means developing proprietary formulas and hand-selecting ingredients.

“When formulating The Daily, we tapped into powerful active ingredients with probiotics, L-Carnitine, and zinc along with more familiar ingredients like goat milk, bone broth and pumpkin to ensure we’re making the greatest impact for canine health and wellness,” he added.

According to Native Pet, The Daily boasts the highest number of active ingredients currently on the market, offering 11 health benefits to support seasonal allergies, energy utilization, normal inflammatory response, healthy bladder function, mobility, and cognitive, heart, immune, gut, skin and coat health.

Native Pet’s The Daily represents an important milestone for the company as it continues to expand its portfolio and footprint throughout the United States. The company’s products can be found in nearly 2,000 retail locations, including Target and Petco stores. The Daily is now available via Native Pet’s e-commerce platform, as well as Chewy, Amazon and select Target locations.

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