VIENNA — BioCraft Pet Nutrition unveiled its new Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning tool on Oct. 10 to accelerate research and development of its cultivated meat products for the pet food industry. The tool aims to help the company achieve optimal cell proliferation and nutrient production of its cultivated meat.

The proprietary tool collects and processes data from publicly available scientific literature and databases. The data is then synthesized and analyzed to identify biological processes that are essential to the development of cultivated meat, including potential nutrient inputs, ways to enhance cell growth, nutrient biosynthesis and more.

“The main costs and time sinks on the way to commercialization are R&D-related, and our AI has substantially streamlined this process, accelerated our progress and reduced costs,” said Shannon Falconer, founder and chief executive officer of BioCraft. “In this application, AI can surpass the human brain for speed and efficiency, and helps us derive more complex conclusions by making more connections between more facts.”

According to BioCraft, its AI is similar to platforms used by those in the pharmaceutical industry to identify new drug targets and predict metabolic effects. In leveraging AI, BioCraft will be able to engage in fewer and more targeted experiments to help fine-tune its cell proliferation process and improve the nutritional value of its cultivated meat. The AI tool will also allow the company to identify less expensive inputs and ingredients, as well as those that are less likely to raise concerns in regulatory approval.

BioCraft’s current cultivated meat products provide all essential nutrients cats and dogs need, including protein, vitamins, fats, and amino acids, without relying on chemical contaminants, antibiotics, steroids or hormones, according to the company. Additionally, the cultivated meat is significantly less likely, according to BioCraft, to carry pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli, and other common fecal-borne bacteria.

As consumers demand more sustainable alternatives to traditional meat sources, including those for their pets, BioCraft is working directly with pet food manufacturers to help transition them from conventional meat ingredients to ones that offer sustainability benefits, as well as food safety and supply chain upsides. BioCraft’s cultivated meat acts as a one-to-one replacement for traditional meat slurry and can be used in wet or dry foods, treats and fresh formulas.

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