AMERSFOORT, THE NETHERLANDS — Corbion and IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients announced Oct. 1 they will expand distribution of AlgaPrime™ DHA, an algae-based, sustainable and clean source of omega-3 fatty acids, to make it available to European and North American pet food processors.

“The strategic partnership with IQI allows us to expand the nutritional and sustainability benefits of AlgaPrime DHA to another relevant market and to companies on an international scale which enables us to grow the adoption at a rapid pace,” said Karel Bierman, head of animal nutrition at Corbion.

The fish oil-alternative algae ingredient is considered sustainable because it has a low carbon footprint and reduces the need for global wild fish populations in pet food. It offers approximately twice as much omega-3 DHA than fish oil products, is grown in fermentation tanks with GMO-free cane sugar, and the entire production is powered by renewable energy.

“As a dedicated supplier of long chain omega-3 fatty acids to the pet food industry, we are excited about the possibilities and sustainable aspects of algae DHA coming from AlgaPrime DHA,” said Geert van der Velden, innovation manager at IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients.

Corbion has been producing omega-3 feed ingredients commercially since 2016, and is now looking to offer a clean, sustainable source of the fatty acids for pet food manufacturers.

“We're confident that IQI's experienced team and dedication to the pet food market will help the continued growth of AlgaPrime DHA,” added Luke Townsend, director of business development for Corbion.

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