RICHMOND, VA. — Barkworthies expanded its hickory-smoked line of dog chews to include 12 new offerings. The hickory-smoked chews originally launched in May this year and have experienced popularity with consumers, according to Barkworthies.

“Our new smoked line of natural chews was an instant hit with dogs and their people,” said Andres Blades, chief marketing officer at Barkworthies. “Such a hit, that we decided to extend the line offering 12 new natural hickory smoked chew options including some for smaller dogs and lighter chewers.

“All of our products are created by dog parents for dog parents that really care about the products they give to their dogs,” she added. “We think the naturally smoked line of products is a win-win any way you look at it.”

The new products in the Barkworthies Smoked dog chew line includes Cheeky Chews, Scapulas, Cow Ears, Gullet Bites, Bully Bites, Braided Pork Pizzle, Gullet Sticks, Duck Feet, Marrow Bones, Tendon Strips and two sampler packs, one from small dogs and one for medium/large dogs. With the addition of these 12 products, the full line includes 20 hickory-smoked chews.

The chews are all cold smoked, boasting an “incredible aroma,” according to Barkworthies, that is irresistible for dogs and their parents. To create the chews, the company leverages a patent-pending cold-smoking process that provides a smokey flavor and aroma while maintaining the integrity of the chew product. The products are made from natural ingredients and contain no smoke powder or liquid smoke.

“We initially introduced the new smoked line of natural dog chews after conducting careful research which showed that dog parents want to give their dogs the best in health and nutrition,” she added. “But single-ingredient natural chews often come with one top complaint — the odor. While dogs love stinky chews, dog parents simply don’t. Our research shows that this can sometimes result in the pet parent choosing an unhealthy choice (such as rawhide) simply to avoid an unpleasant odor.

“At Barkworthies, we believe that dogs and their parents should have an exceptional experience with our products, including their odor, and they should never need to compromise a healthy choice,” she added.

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