RICHMOND, VA. — Barkworthies debuted four new dog chews — Love Bone, Chicken Snapsticks, Cheeky Chews and All-Natural, All-Star Dental Chews — during SuperZoo 2022. Like its existing products, the new chews use all-natural, fully digestible ingredients to promote overall health in dogs and satisfy their chewing instincts.

“All of our products are created by pet parents for pet parents who really care about the products they give to their dogs,” said Traci Mierzwa, brand manager of Barkworthies. “Here at Barkworthies we use only all-natural ingredients that are fully digestible, baked locally, and create huge flavor that dogs love to chew on.”

The new Love Bone chews are heart-shaped and long-lasting. Formulated with real chicken and collagen, the chew is packed with protein, providing nutritional benefits, as well as promoting dental and skin and joint health. The Love Bone chews are available in 1-count packs for $4.49 and 3-count packs for $12.99. The chews are also available in a Chicken Lickin’ variety, offered in 2-count packs for $8.99.

Barkworthies’ new Chicken Snapsticks are quick chews, lasting about one to two minutes, that can be served as a treat. Formulated with collagen-based proteins and real chicken, the chews help promote joint, skin and coat health. According to Barkworthies these chews were devoured by 100% of dogs in a palatability test. Chicken Snapsticks are available in 5-count packs for $5.99 and 50-count packs for $19.99.

The new Cheeky Chews offer a long-lasting chew time, similar to that of a bully stick, but with added functional benefits. Formulated with natural, grass-fed beef chunks and collagen, the chews can help support joints and overall mobility. The single-ingredient chews are free of rawhide and artificial preservatives, offering complete digestibility. The Cheeky Chews are available in 1-count packs for $6.99 and 3-count packs for $19.99.

Barkworthies’ new All-Natural, All-Star Dental Chews are star-shaped collagen chews that last about five minutes. With a unique shape, the chews can help clean hard-to-reach areas of a dog’s mouth. The dental chews are formulated with beef collagen to help support healthy coat, joint mobility and digestive health. All-Natural, All-Star Dental Chews are available in 1-count packs for $4.69 and 3-count packs for $12.99.

“Here at Barkworthies, we love our pets and want to give them chews we feel good about,” Mierzwa said. “That’s why we created chews that are great for their health, speak to their natural chewing instincts and just plain make them happy.”

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