RICHMOND, VA. — Barkworthies launched a new line of hickory-smoked, natural dog chews and treats consisting of eight different products. The new chews contain a Southern-inspired BBQ flavor and offer a scent reminiscent of ribs coming off the grill, according to Barkworthies.

“Through our research and consumer studies, we know that dog parents want to give their dogs the best in health and nutrition,” said Andrea Blades, chief marketing officer at Barkworthies. “But single ingredient natural chews such as Bully Sticks or Pig Ears often come with one top complaint — the odor. While dogs love stinky chews, dog parents simply don’t. Our research shows that this can sometimes result in the pet parent choosing an unhealthy choice (such as rawhide) simply to avoid an unpleasant odor.

“At Barkworthies, we believe that dogs and their parents should have an exceptional experience with our products, including their odor, and they should never need to compromise a healthy choice,” she added. “We are excited to announce our new line of Naturally Smoked Chews and Treats for dogs.”

The new line offers eight new chew and treat products: Smoked Bully Sticks, Smoked Thick Bully Sticks, Smoked Trachea, Smoked Yak Cheese, Smoked Chicken Breast Fillet, Smoked Beefy Sticks, Smoked Rib Bones, and Smoked Beef Burgers.

The Smoked Bully Sticks are long-lasting chews that can serve as an alternative to rawhide. The sticks can help support dental health in dogs and satiate their instinctual need to chew. The 6-in chews are available in two varieties: Standard and Thick.

The Smoked Trachea is a hollow chew for dogs that prefer a lighter chew. These crunchy chews are made from cow trachea, which offers a rough surface to keep dogs occupied, and formulated with additional chondroitin and glucosamine to support joint health. The texture can also help reduce plaque and tartar, promoting better oral health. According to Barkworthies, the Smoked Trachea can be filled with peanut butter or other treats to ramp up the treating experience for dogs.

The Smoked Yak Cheese Chews are made from authentic Himalayan yak cheese sourced directly from Nepal and are formulated with milk, lime juice and salt. These chews feature a naturally hard texture that can help maintain dental health, as well as supply additional minerals to support overall health. They are free from additives, like potato starch.

The Smoked Chicken Breast Fillet chews are pure smoked chicken breast filets formulated with chicken, glycerin, water and salt. These treats offer a high level of protein and are low in fat, making them a perfect daily protein supplement, according to Barkworthies.

The Smoked Beefy Sticks are a light and airy chew formulated with beef, beef skin, beef pizzle and gelatin. The chews can serve as an alternative to standard bully sticks with a light crunchy texture. Made from beef and bully flake, the chews can be broken into smaller pieces for more treating and rewarding.

The Smoked Rib Bones are designed to mimic smoky, BBQ ribs for humans. These meaty chews are formulated with meat from 100% natural, high-quality cattle and offer oral health benefits. According to Barkworthies, these chews are highly palatable and can help encourage positive chewing habits. The chews are designed for smaller dogs.

The Smoked Beef Burgers serve as a pet snack and are formulated with smoked beef and vegetable glycerin. The meaty treats can be served as a training reward or as a standard treat. They are high in protein and collagen sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle.

“Our line of hickory cold smoked chews and treats have an incredible aroma of smokey goodness making them irresistible to dogs and dog parents alike,” Blades said. “Our innovative cold-smoking process (patent pending) adds just the right amount of smokey barbecue aroma and unbeatable flavor, while maintaining the integrity of the chew and our steadfast commitment to an all-natural product. You won’t find smoke powder or liquid smoke on these chews — just meat, smoke and love.”  

Each new product offers a strong BBQ flavor that, according to Barkworthies, is irresistible and great for dogs with finicky taste buds. To develop the new line, Barkworthies’ parent company TDBBS constructed a new state-of-the-art smoking operation located at its headquarters in Virginia.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new smoked line of dog chews,” Blades added. “We feel this is a major breakthrough as far as taste and smell in the natural pet chews and snacks industry. All of our products are created by pet parents for pet parents that really care about the products they give to their dogs. We think the naturally smoked line of products are a win-win any way you look at it.”

The new Barkworthies smoked line of chews and treats will be available to consumers in June at Pet Supermarket retail locations throughout the United States.

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