MISSION, KAN. — The Redwood Group LLC, a leading supplier of pulses based in Mission, Kan., is acquiring a processing, storage and transloading facility in Stanford, Mont. The company said the acquisition will facilitate growth of its Specialty Product Division.

Redwood Specialty supplies chickpeas, peas, lentils and other products to food and premium pet food makers. Stanford is located in the heart of Montana, situated between Great Falls, Bozeman and Billings. Redwood said the Stanford facility will complement its flagship pulse processing facility in Chester, Mont., about 120 miles north of Stanford.

According to Redwood, the new facility will greatly expand its “grower base to meet the increasing demand of its customers, as well as provide the Montana farmers with additional growing options and access to end-use markets.”

Stricks Ag, LLC, a subsidiary of Redwood, operates the company’s Chester plant and will operate the Stanford facility.

“We are thrilled to add Stanford to the Stricks Ag family of processing plants,” said Mike Kincaid, president of Redwood. “The increased capacity allows us to continue meeting our customers’ ever-growing ingredient needs. Additionally, we look forward to partnering with local farmers to help them confidently diversify their growing programs and consistently incorporate these very important pulse crops into their rotation. We provide access to markets that will ensure those sustainable practices benefit the farmer’s bottom line as well as the land.”

Mark Obrist, managing director of Redwood Specialty, said the new facility will allow the company to segregate product and identity preserve finished goods with complete traceability to the growers’ farms that supply Redwood. He called regenerative agriculture a “major area of focus for Redwood and its growing partners going forward."

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