CINCINNATI — ProAmpac announced the launch of its new patent-pending PRO-EVO Recyclable packaging ideal for dry pet food. The recyclable packaging product is a paper-based, multi-wall, self-opening-sack (SOS) bag that is certified for curbside recycling. PRO-EVO Recyclable is part of the company’s ProActive Recyclable series of products.

“Pet food brands want recyclable paper-based packaging solutions,” said Ben Davis, product manager for ProAmpac. “The PRO-EVO Recyclable platform fulfills ProAmpac’s promise to deliver more recyclable packaging solutions without sacrificing end-use performance and filling line efficiency.”

PRO-EVO Recyclable contains no per- and poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances but still provides grease and edge-wicking resistance. The packaging is also available with a high-moisture barrier which helps maintain pet food freshness.

“PRO-EVO Recyclable offers excellent shelf presence and a robust structure with high drop resistance,” said Hesam Tabatabaei, senior vice president of global product development and innovation at ProAmpac. “These patent-pending technologies are engineered to have various moisture barrier levels, excellent organoleptic properties for pet food applications, and run-at-rate on the standard filling equipment.”

ProAmpac’s sustainability program – ProActive Sustainability® – provides sustainable flexible packaging products to help customers achieve their sustainability goals. 

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