CINCINNATI — ProAmpac, a global flexible packaging supplier, has expanded its new sustainable polyethylene-based packaging solution to its QUADFLEX® format. The new QUAFLEX Recyclable is an addition to the ProActive Sustainability® platform and utilizes ProAmpac’s R-2000 recyclable laminated mono polyethylene product providing the marketplace a sustainable alternative to multi-material laminates.

QUADFLEX Recyclable offers easy opening and recloseable options and is available in either a side gusseted with flat or pinched bottom standup pouch.

"ProAmpac continues to innovate as brands and consumers demand more sustainable packaging,” said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer. “QUADFLEX Recyclable delivers a recyclable option that runs on our customers production lines at rate meaning our customers do not sacrifice productivity when moving to a sustainable specification."

QUADFLEX Recyclable has superior heat resistance for run-at-rate filling speeds and a wide operating window on filling lines. Film structures come in standard or high barrier and can be made with clear windows in the main panels or the side gussets to showcase the product. Matte or gloss surface finishes are offered, enabling brands to connect with consumers in style on the pouch's five-panel billboard. Reclose is enabled by recyclable press-to-close or hook-to-hook Aplix or Velcro zippers.

"This recyclable quad-seal pouch was designed to be a drop-in replacement versus existing, conventional structures," added Hesam Tabatabaei, vice president of product development and innovation. "Our QUADFLEX Recyclable structure is engineered to deliver very high drop resistance and dimpling resistance which are both needed for this packaging format. In addition, using our unique patent pending scoring technology, our customers get a product with excellent directional tear."

QUADFLEX Recyclable is currently available in both terminated side gusset and full side gusset configurations. According to ProAmpac, the premium pouch is perfect for pet food and treats products. QUADFLEX Recyclable is pre-qualified for in-store drop-off through polyethylene recycle streams.

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