BOULDER, COLO. — “I and love and you” introduced two new products for dogs and cats at Natural Products Expo West from March 7 to 11 in Anaheim, Calif. The new products include a lickable cat treat and a fresh dog food formula.

The new Treat Meow™ “Squeeze & Thank You” cat treats and Irresist-A-Bowls™ dog food were developed with aid from a holistic veterinarian and offer functional health benefits.

Treat Meow™ “Squeeze & Thank You” cat treats and Irresist-A-Bowls™ dog food by "I and love and you"Source: "I and love and you"“We set out to create nutritious, delicious and sustainable products that our pet obsessed people will love, and their best friends will love even more,” said Michael Meyer, chief executive officer of “I and love and you.”

Treat Meow “Squeeze & Thank You” lickable cat treats are available in three varieties, each targeting a specific health issue and made with a different protein source. Immune Support is formulated with sustainably sourced seafood, Digestion Support is formulated with cage-free chicken, and Skin & Coat Support is formulated with wild-caught tuna. The treats are also formulated with prebiotics, pumpkin, zinc, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and additional vitamins and minerals. They do not contain any grains, fillers or artificial ingredients.

The new cat treats are available in single-flavor packs, offering four single-serve squeezable sticks, and a variety pack, offering four sticks of each flavor. The packaging is completely recyclable through TerraCycle. The treats are available exclusively at Walmart and will soon be available at grocery stores and online retailers later this year.

“Our newest cat launch embodies our brand’s mission to provide pet-obsessed parents with a cat treat they will feel confident giving their furry friend, knowing it will support a healthier, happier life full of flavor, love and function,” Meyer said.

The new Irresist-A-Bowls food is a “pantry-fresh, skillet” dog meal formulated with non-GMO, fresh ingredients. Crafted in small batches, Irresist-A-Bowls are available in two varieties: a Chicken and Beef Recipe and a Chicken and Duck Recipe. The recipes are formulated with farm-raised, grass-fed beef and cage-free chicken, as well as prebiotics to support digestive health. The diets were first launched in April 2022.

The fresh dog food is available at Meijer, Walmart, Albertson Safeway, Kroger, Harris Teeter and Target, as well as other grocery stores, nationwide and online.

“Our mission is built on the idea that we see our pets as people, our plus ones, and we share our love with them through food,” said Lindsey Rabaut, chief marketing officer. “In continuing this philosophy, our new line of Irresist-A-Bowls is delicious and convenient food made with love — and ingredients you can see. Plus, prebiotics to help aid digestion. We designed this line to deliver that straight-from-the-skillet homecooked meal that we know dogs would make for themselves… if they could.”

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