BOULDER, Colo. — “I and love and you” recently launched several new products, including two complete-and-balanced dog foods, two solutions-based cat diets, and two cat treats with functional ingredients. The new dog and cat foods reflect industry trends toward functionality, wet options as alternatives to the canned pâté format, and the inclusion of grains.

The brand’s new wet dog food line, Stir-Mix-a-Little, features dehydrated, human-grade meats, vegetables and fruit, and is meant to be rehydrated and served as a wet diet. They are available in resealable containers in beef and bone broth, chicken and bone broth, and turkey and bone broth formulas.

The other new dog diet, an extension of its Naked Essentials kibble line, brings back ancient grains such as sorghum, oats, millet and quinoa. The two formulas — beef and lamb and chicken and turkey — also include prebiotics and probiotics and are free from artificial preservatives or fillers, the company said.

“I and love and you” is adding solutions-based formulas to its cat food portfolio with Indoor Health and Digestive Support products. Indoor Health is designed with at least 15% lower calories, as well as prebiotics and probiotics for digestive support, to help cats reduce and maintain a healthy weight.

Its new Digestive Support cat food features bioavailable proteins and pumpkin for digestion, as well as prebiotics and probiotics.

Finally, the company’s new cat treats include Hair Meow’t Hearties, a natural treat with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to boost skin and coat health, and Meow and Zen Hearties, featuring botanical ingredients including chamomile, passionflower and lavender to reduce stress.

“Our diverse options blend the idea of providing our pets with delicious food and treats, while mixing in added benefits depending on the individual pet’s needs – whether that be helping to reduce anxiety and stress, providing a healthy coat and skin or improving upset tummies with digestive benefits,” said Beau Mainous, chief executive officer at the pet food and treat company.

“I and love and you” consults Angie Krause, DVM, CVA, CCRT, a holistic veterinarian who uses traditional and alternative medicine in her private practice in Boulder, on formulating and marketing its pet food and treat products.

“We launched our newest products for the pets who assume the role of the child in the household – they’re our fur children and deserve meals that are the same high standards as what we would feed our human children,” Mainous added.

The products were scheduled to be released during Natural Products Expo West, which has since been postponed due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

The company offers it pet food and treat lines at grocery chains and on major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and Chewy.

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