SHERIDAN, WYO. — Pet care brand Bark&Spark launched its new Probiotic Chews for dogs on Feb. 27. The chews offer functional benefits, supporting digestive and immune health, as well as relief from allergies.

According to Bark&Spark, dogs often struggle with digestive and gut issues and experience gas, diarrhea, stomach sensitivities, loose stools, bad breath and other issues. These issues can cause severe discomfort. Bark&Spark’s new chewable supplements seek to help relieve these issues, as well as support overall digestive and immune health.

Formulated with pre- and probiotics selected by veterinarians, as well as pumpkin and digestive enzymes, the Probiotic Chews are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. All ingredients in the bacon-flavored supplements are sustainably sourced and human grade, according to the company.

Bark&Spark’s Probiotic Chews for dogs are available in 120-count bottles, providing about a two-month supply of functional support.  

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