VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Pet Wellbeing, a producer of natural pet products, launched its first vet-strength soft chew line, called Chewies, on Feb. 8. The dog chew line expands upon Pet Wellbeing’s existing lineup of tinctures and powdered supplements that address specific health concerns.

Chewies appear and function similarly to dog treats, but offer several functional benefits, targeting common ailments and health issues in dogs. The functional chew line offers the same high-quality, herbal ingredients Pet Wellbeing includes in its supplements, but in an easy-to-administer format.

"We listened closely to what pet parents love about us and where they thought we could improve, and we believe that Chewies can solve all of our customers' pain points,” said Darcy Foster, chief executive officer of Pet Wellbeing. “Chewies are simple to administer, easy to dose, and proven to be delicious to dogs. Removing these obstacles means your dog's quality of life will be back on track faster.”

Developed by a team of holistic veterinarians and clinical herbalists, Pet Wellbeing’s Chewies are formulated with high-quality, “innovative” ingredients and are entirely plant-based.

“Pioneering perfect taste and texture without the use of animal ingredients make these unique in the pet industry,” said Mandy Nivarez, product development lead and clinical herbalist at Pet Wellbeing.

The natural soft chews are available in four varieties, each targeting a specific health issue:

  • Epic Mushroom Chewies are formulated with reishi, shiitake, chaga, maitake and lion’s mane mushrooms to support a healthy immune system, help reduce stress and support overall cognition.
  • Age Right Chewies are formulated with organic hemp seed, Omega 3s sourced from algae, digestive enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, and fruits and vegetables to support aging in senior dogs. These Chewies promote joint mobility, high energy levels and health cognitive and digestive function.
  • Kidney Support Chewies are formulated with the same herbal formula found in Pet Wellbeing’s Kidney Support Gold liquid tincture, which includes rehmannia, cordyceps, astragalus and dong quai. Theses Chewies help promote stable kidney function.
  • Itch & Scratch Chewies are formulated with Chinese pearl barley, phellodendron, black atractylodes, cyathula, Omega 3s, and vitamins C and E to support skin allergies and itch discomfort.

Pet Wellbeing’s Chewies line are packaged in recyclable, paper-board packaging.

“[Pet Wellbeing has] set an industry standard with our new Earth-friendly, 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced paperboard packaging,” said Paulina Nelega, product development specialist and clinical herbalist, Pet Wellbeing.

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