TORONTO — Dog food brand Dog Child announced the launch of its new Essential Nutrient Mix and Dog Cookbook on Nov. 1. The mix and cookbook provide consumers with the ability to cook dog food at home.

Developed with aid from veterinarians and pet nutritionists, Dog Child’s Essential Nutrient Mix is an all-in-one nutrient solution for creating dog meals at home. The mix is formulated with probiotics and prebiotics, calcium, sweet potato, flaxseed, fish oil, ginger, kelp and key nutrients needed to create a complete-and-balanced dog meal.

The Dog Cookbook contains recipes for dogs, specifically designed to help consumers create nutritious, convenient and more sustainable foods and treats for their pets. The recipes, inspired by human food, incorporate upcycled ingredients and range from Dog Child Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal to Shepherd’s Pup Pie. Some of the recipes also incorporate the new Essential Nutrient Mix.

Alongside the Dog Cookbook, Dog Child plans to release monthly recipes in partnership with chefs throughout North America, turning human meals into complete-and-balanced meals for dogs.

“When I started cooking for my dog Charlotte, I was left feeling confused about how to properly cook for her,” said Nicole Marchand, founder and chief executive officer of Dog Child. “Many of the recipes online lacked essential nutrients and the recipes that were nutritionally complete were timing consuming with difficult-to-find ingredients.

“I'm so thrilled to share the Essential Nutrient Mix and cookbook with everyone,” Marchand added. “I hope to inspire new pet parents to start cooking for their loved ones. Dog Child will continue to develop new recipes and products that all support cooking fresh healthy meals for the modern dog.”

Essential Nutrient Mix is available on Dog Child’s website and at select independent pet retailers. The Dog Cookbook is available for download online via the company’s website.

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