EDMONTON, ALBERTA — FreshCap, a producer of functional mushroom products, announced the launch of a new functional mushroom treat for dogs: Shroomies. The treats are made with organic mushrooms to support canine health.

The new dog treats expand upon FreshCap’s product offerings, which include mushroom supplements for humans and pets in powder, capsule and gummy formats. The company is leveraging its growth within the functional mushroom market to expand into the pet nutrition industry.

Shroomies are formulated with seven varieties of mushrooms, kelp, turmeric root, L-theanine, EPA, DHA and black pepper extract. The treats can help support cardiovascular health, brain function, healthy joints, normal thyroid function, and can also help reduce the effects of environmental stress.

“Functional mushrooms are used by many holistic veterinarians because they hold tremendous potential value for pets such as dogs, cats and horses,” said Tony Shields, founder and chief executive officer of FreshCap. “Functional fungi contain many various beneficial compounds, antioxidants, proteins and have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties.”

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