SEWELL, NJ. — Coperion announced an upgrade to its existing line of ZSK Mv high-efficiency twin-screw extruders ideal for processing pet food and pet treats. The extruders now include a hygienic design option to allow for easier cleaning, which can help processors enhance their food safety practices.

Coperion’s upgraded Mega Volume PLUS extruder features a redesign of the twin-screw’s open base frame, which is made of stainless steel and has smooth surfaces to allow for quicker cleaning. The extruder also includes a modular barrel and screw design to help ensure maximum material loading and increase versatility.

The improved extruder can handle both pet treats and dry pet foods, like kibble, and can also be customized with integrated controls and equipped with Coperion’s K-Tron line of ingredient and liquid feeders. Both optional systems can help with accuracy and improve the extruder’s overall performance.

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