TEWKSBURY, MASS. — Wellness Pet Company on May 17 launched a new brand of natural dog treats:  Good Dog® by Wellness®. The new line offers a variety of recipes to target specific health or training needs in dogs.

According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) 2021-2022 Pet Owners Survey, cited by Wellness Pet Company, about 93% of pet parents buy treats to give their pets joy. With this data top of mind, Wellness Pet Company developed the new Good Dog treat line to provide pets with satisfaction and health benefits.

“Treating is one of the many joys of pet parenthood, and at Wellness Pet, we believe pets deserve to be treated well and pet parents deserve to feel confident in the treats they give,” said Danielle Bernal, veterinarian at Wellness Pet Company.

Good Dog treats are formulated with premium, natural ingredients to provide functional benefits and promote good behavior. The treats are available in three varieties: Happy Puppy, Training Rewards and Tender Toppers.

“We're thrilled to welcome Good Dog by Wellness to the Wellness family of brands and introduce a portfolio of natural, purposeful and benefits-driven treats to create a better life between pets and pet parents,” Bernal said. “It's our hope that pet parents never feel guilty about treating again with Good Dog by Wellness treats.”

The Happy Puppy Treats are developed to help with positive reinforcement training in puppies. These bite-sized treats are grain free and formulated with DHA to support brain development, vitamins A and E to promote immune health, and veggies and flaxseed. The Happy Puppy treats are available in two flavors: soft lamb and salmon, and crunchy chicken and carrots.

The Training Rewards treats are soft, grain-free, savory treats that contain Omega 3 fatty acids to support health skin and coat. The treats are available in two flavors: chicken and venison, and turkey and duck.

The Tender Toppers can be used as a treat or meal topper, providing pet parents with versatility. These grain-free toppers are formulated with protein, antioxidants and vitamins to support immune and whole-body health. The toppers are available in two flavors: beef and chicken, and turkey and chicken.

The Good Dog by Wellness treats are now available at Walmart.

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