NEW YORK — On May 3, Bocce’s Bakery launched its new Daily Supplements for dogs. Formulated with high-quality ingredients, the supplement chews join the company’s broad product offerings of 75 SKUs.

The line of Daily Supplements is available in a variety of recipes to target a dog’s specific health needs. The B-shaped supplement chews are formulated with all-natural, locally sourced ingredients. Bocce’s supplements come in five varieties:

  • Calming in a Banana and Honey flavor to support relaxation
  • Multivitamin in a Cheese and Honey flavor to support overall dog health and wellness
  • Probiotic in a Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Ginger flavor that supports gut health with a boost of fiber
  • Hip and Joint in a Peanut Butter and Honey flavor that supports joint health
  • Skin and Coat in a Salmon flavor to support skin and coat health with vitamin E and fatty acids

Bocce’s new supplements follow many recent moves of growth for the natural pet company. In February 2022, the company made its first foray into the cat treat market, and in November 2021 the company was acquired by Antelope.

050422_Bocce's dog supplements_Embedded.jpgPhoto courtesy of Bocce's Bakery.

“We are so excited to introduce our new Daily Supplements collection for dogs, maintaining our commitment to create a positive change in the pet aisle and giving our furry family members the best quality of life possible,” said Wendy Wen, founder and chief executive officer of Antelope and chief executive officer of Bocce’s Bakery. “Each dog has unique health needs, similarly to humans, that daily treats cannot meet. With the addition of these nutritional supplements, made with our signature high-quality ingredients, pups everywhere can enjoy daily supplements that not only taste good but make them feel good.”

The Daily Supplements are available in 60-count jars for $21.50 to $23.50 at Target, Petsmart, Petco, Chewy and Whole Foods, among other stores, as well as via Bocce’s e-commerce site.

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