NEW YORK — On Feb. 17, Bocce’s Bakery, an all-natural pet treat company, entered the cat treat market. Its new heart-shaped cat treats use 100% natural ingredients and are only one calorie per treat.

Beginning as a dog treat company, Bocce’s was founded in 2010 and became a fast-growing brand in the pet treat category. The company currently has 75 dog treat SKUs. The new  cat treats are formulated with simple ingredients, contain mostly protein, and are free of byproducts, meal and salt.

The soft, chewy treats are available in 2-oz resealable packages, each offering 100 treats. The treats come in five different flavors: Sushi Sushi contains salmon and seaweed; Fishy Fishy contains whitefish and carrots; Catnip Munch contains chicken and catnip; Moooo Moooo contains beef and cheddar; and Chikn Chikn contains chicken and sweet potato.

Bocce's Bakery cat treat lineup features Sushi Sushi, Fishy Fishy, Catnip Munch, Moooo Moooo and Chikn Chikn.Bocce's Bakery cat treat lineup features Sushi Sushi, Fishy Fishy, Catnip Munch, Moooo Moooo and Chikn Chikn. (Photo Courtesy of Bocce's Bakery)

The launch of these new cat treats follows Antelope’s acquisition of Bocce’s in late 2021. Since the acquisition, the omni-channel platform has worked with Bocce’s to grow its brand with omni-channel distribution, operational infrastructure and marketing, revenue, and cost support.

"The Bocce's team is thrilled to continue expanding its mission of bringing all-natural and healthy treats to pets with its latest launch in the cat category," said Wendy Wen, founder and chief executive officer of Antelope and chief executive officer of Bocce's Bakery. "Made with fresh ingredients you'd recognize from your own kitchen, Bocce's cat treat recipes are protein-first and are perfect for weaned kittens who are eating solid foods, and adult cats, alike."

The new cat treats are available now at independent pet retailers throughout the United States and can also be found in Target, PetSmart, Pet Supermarket and Wegmans. Bocce’s also sells the treats on its e-commerce site.

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