ORLANDO, FLA. — On April 19, Zesty Paws and Solid Gold Pet, both owned by the H&H Group’s Pet Nutrition and Care (PNC) division, partnered with Greater Good Charities to donate $20,000 to pet relief efforts in Ukraine. The donation will provide the non-profit organization with funding to support humanitarian and animal welfare groups in the Ukraine area, supplying pet food, veterinary care and other essentials to those impacted by the crisis.

Before the Ukraine crisis, Zesty Paws partnered with Greater Good Charities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company and non-profit worked to help animal shelters supply pets with food and essential veterinary care.

“Just as Greater Good Charities aim to protect the wellbeing of people, pets, and the planet, the same is true of the brands of H&H Group, where our passion for the wellbeing of people and their pets sits at the heart of everything we do,” said Steve Ball, chief executive officer of North America at H&H Group. “We’re once again pleased to partner with Greater Good Charities as they mobilize to help the families and pets in need overseas.”

Zesty Paws and Solid Gold are just two of the numerous pet food companies that have stepped up to help Ukraine. Since Russia’s invasion of the country, Ren’s Pets donated to Animal Food Bank, which is currently supporting several humanitarian and animal welfare organizations in Ukraine; and Kormotech, Mars Inc., Hill's Pet Nutrition and Nestle's Purina all announced donations to support humanitarian and animal welfare groups during the crisis.

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