HONG KONG — Health & Happiness (H&H) Group, parent company of pet nutrition brands Solid Gold and Zesty Paws, announced that five of its business divisions in China, France, Australia and New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom have become B Corp certified. According to H&H Group, the certifications are a testament to the group’s commitment to make a positive impact on people, society and the planet by addressing climate change, supporting its communities, furthering product innovation and developing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The certifications represent a momentous achievement toward H&H’s group-wide certification, as just two business units remain uncertified. The certified units represent about 81% of H&H Group’s revenues.

“In 2019 we set a bold objective — to become B Corp certified by 2025,” said Akash Bedi, rotating group chief executive officer and chief executive officer of North America and Europe at H&H Group. “Today is the first step in that journey, and one that reflects our commitment to accountability, transparency and continuous improvement for the planet, people and society. It is our commitment to shared value and to bring benefit to all our stakeholders, from our team members to our consumers, customers and communities, to our suppliers, partners and the environment.”

Each of the group’s entities achieved high scores according to the certifications, with the United Kingdom receiving 101.6 points, followed by the United States with 99.3 points, France with 99.2, China with 91.3 and Australia & New Zealand with 88.8 points.

“This is a proud moment for our teams in China, Australia & New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and France,” said Pascale Laborde, chief growth and sustainability officer at H&H Group. “It’s an important step as we continue the process to strive to receive group-wide certification by 2025. For H&H, B Corp is about more than just a certification. B Corp is now our compass shaping the very essence of how we operate, and guiding our strategic and operational decisions to use profit for purpose and innovation for impact.

“Doing better for people and the environment means putting our customers and the planet at the heart of everything we do, to create positive change now and for the future,” Laborde added. “It’s just the beginning in our journey for a more sustainable world.”

Key actions that contributed to H&H Group’s certification include:

  • Operating an ethical and more transparent business with a female CEO in China.
  • Efforts to create an inclusive workplace environment in Australia & New Zealand, for which the company was listed as one of Australia’s Best Workplaces for Women in 2023.
  • Ensuring quality products for customers in the United States, with Zesty Paws receiving the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal.
  • Affirming its commitment to a greener future in the United Kingdom, with its Aurelia brand receiving cruelty-free certification.
  • Advancing its sustainable practices in France, with its Biostime and Good Goût brands awarded organic certifications.

B Corp certification is provided through B Lab. H&H Group will now work closely with B Lab to receive certifications for its last two entities. The group plans to hold itself to B Lab’s high and stringent standards into the future to further improve its sustainability strategy.

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