NASHVILLE, TENN. — On Feb. 28, Trisha Yearwood launched a line of dog food and treats, expanding the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection. The food and treat lines consist of kibble, stews, soft treats and jerky formulas.

The new dog food and treats are inspired by Yearwood’s personal recipes and cookbooks, feature meat as the first ingredient and are made in the United States. The dog food is formulated with natural ingredients, extra vitamins and minerals and whole grains.

"My animals are my family, and I want my animals to eat well," Yearwood said. "You want to feel good about what you're feeding your animals just like you want to feel good about what you're feeding your own family. I was always told not to feed my animals from the table, but thought why can't they have something like I'm having? The recipes for the collection are based off recipes from my cookbooks that are adapted to provide things that dogs need. If I'm having pork chops and rice, the dogs can have pork chops and rice."

Currently the dog food and treats include Complete and Balanced Dry Dog Food, featuring Beef Chicken & Pork, Chicken & Vegetables, and Pork & Rice formulas; Dog Stew, featuring Beef Chicken & Pork, Chicken & Vegetables and Pork & Rice formulas; Dog Soft Treats, featuring BBQ Beef and Chicken Apple & Bacon flavors; and Dog Jerky, featuring Beef & Sweet Potato and Chicken & Pumpkin flavors.

In 2021, Yearwood launched the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection, which offered collars, leashes, grooming supplies and easy-to-clean bedding. The collection, along with the new dog food and treats, is available at and from select retailers, including Amazon, Atwood’s Ranch and Home,, Chewy, KrLowe’s and Wayfair.

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