PERHAM, MINN. — Ending the year on a positive note, NutriSource Pet Foods announced Dec. 30 the launch of its first three meal topper products for dogs, with formulations “inspired by kombucha.” The line, aptly named Come-pooch-a™, features three recipes of savory bone broths that include postbiotics to support hydration and digestion.

Come-pooch-a toppers can be added to a water dish or fed over kibble as a palatability and hydration booster. The products can also be used to soften kibble, NutriSource stated.

“Sometimes, even a healthy dog goes through bouts of tummy upset,” said Adam Martodam, marketing director for NutriSource. “Moving day, a new family member or switching food can also cause digestive issues. Older dogs can be prone to bad bellies, too. Come-pooch-a™ makes mealtime a little more exciting while providing dogs with important nutrients that support their overall wellness.”

Natural postbiotics in the formula can help promote gut health and digestion for stressed dogs or picky eaters. The toppers will be available in three flavors — turkey, beef and chicken — at independent retail stores across the United States beginning mid-January.

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