GOLDEN, COLO. — Smart Cookie Barkery announced May 3 the launch of its new Dog Food Topper line, featuring four recipes for any occasion.

“We want to celebrate mealtime with your dog,” said Scott Bradley, co-founder of Smart Cookie Barkery. “With the ever-growing demand for ways to personalize your dog’s diet, these toppers give specific mealtimes that extra special boost.”

The Breakfast Dog Food Topper formula includes sustainably sourced, cage-free eggs, rolled oats, fruits, nuts and seeds, while the Dinner Dog Food Topper is made with freeze-dried raw beef, sweet potatoes and other vegetables.

The company is also offering a “vegan-friendly” Veggie Dog Food Topper with mushrooms, turmeric and other vegetables, and a Superfood Dog Food Topper with freeze-dried raw salmon, greens, seeds and turmeric.

“These toppers contain everything from finely ground mushrooms and seeds to chunks of freeze-dried meats and dried fruits and veggies,” said Bri Bradley, co-founder of Smart Cookie Barkery. “This unique texture allows the toppers to coat the kibble or wet food well, so dogs won’t just pick out the toppers from the food, like a lot of the other meal mixers on the market.” 

Each topper is sold in a 15-oz bag, amounting to an approximate 30-day supply for pet owners adhering to feeding recommendations listed on the product.

Smart Cookie Barkery is a from-scratch, family-owned small pet treat business located in the Denver area. The company also sells soft and chewy dog treats, jerky treats, functional treats and elk antler dog chews.

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