AUSTIN, TEXAS — Neo Bites, a pet food startup, announced on Jan. 26 that Veterinarian Mike Walker has joined the company as an advisor. Walker will further the startup’s clinical approach toward sustainable pet food and lead innovation.

Founded in 2019, Neo Bites strives to accomplish sustainability and optimal dog health by using insect protein. According to the startup, insect protein is packed with micronutrients, contains a natural prebiotic and has more omega-3 fatty acids compared to other proteins. Insect proteins also produce no greenhouse gases compared to traditional meat proteins which generate about 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, Neo Bites reported.

"We are still early in the alternative protein market and there is a great window of opportunity to become an industry standard and leader that can position us for excellent growth and brand recognition moving forward," Walker said.

After earning his doctorate from the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedicine at Texas A&M University, Walker founded Apollo Veterinary. He set out to reimagine health care for dogs and cats by focusing on pet dermatology and common allergy issues in pets.

"Dr. Walker's clinical guidance will enable us to engage with the veterinary community in ways that can positively impact dog health and our planet's health," said Wesley Cooper, co-founder and chief executive officer, Neo Bites. "We are proud to work together with him to evolve the pet food industry."

Neo Bites released its first dog products in the form of insect protein toppers in December 2021, which featured three formulations to address specific health needs.

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