ORLANDO, FLA. — On Nov. 10, Zesty Paws announced it has launched three new functional cat supplements exclusively through Chewy, Inc., a leading e-commerce platform for pet products. These cat treats will only be available on Chewy through Jan. 1, 2021.

“We take pride in providing functional pet supplements for pet parents who want to Keep Their Bestie Feeling Zesty™,” said Steve Ball, chief executive officer of Zesty Paws. “We’ve established this exclusive partnership with Chewy to give our loyal cat parents more product options through an online platform that they already know and trust.

“During a time when we’re limiting our trips to the store, Chewy will connect our feline parents to products that address their cat’s health through a convenient, quick and contactless delivery,” Ball added.

Zesty Paws’ new line of cat supplements includes Lysine Immune Bites, Hairball Bites and Calming Bites, each targeting a specific area of health and wellness for felines.

The Lysine Immune Bites are formulated with astragalus root, L-lysine and EpiCor® to provide immune system support for seasonal allergies. They are salmon-flavored.

Zesty Paws’ Hairball Bites include zinc, mineral oil and AlaskOmega® to support skin health and digestive health and minimize hairball formation. The company’s Calming Bites are formulated with chamomile, melatonin and Suntheanine® to support calmness in stressful situations.

The company is incorporating three proprietary nutrient blends from third-party suppliers to enhance the functionality of its dog and cat supplement products. EpiCor and Suntheanine, as well as several other branded ingredients, can also be found in Zesty Paws’ Ancient Elements and Lil’ Zesties Squares supplements for dogs.

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