NEW HAMPTON, NY. — Balchem Corporation, a global nutrition and health company, expanded its lines of KeyShure chelated minerals and PuraChol choline chloride. Both lines have applications in companion animal nutrition.

The KeyShure Plus line of chelated minerals utilizes Balchem’s chelation technology combined with new formulation techniques to deliver a line of minerals with higher metal content and improved handling characteristics. The KeyShure Plus line includes zinc, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium.

“Scientists from the Balchem family of companies pioneered mineral chelation nearly 60 years ago and they continue to develop advancements and improvements,” said Tom Powell, director of the monogastric business for Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health.

According to the company, the KeyShure line of chelated trace minerals deliver higher bioavailability compared to other chelated and inorganic minerals. Improved bioavailability allows for lower mineral concentrations in animal diets. The line also features improved handling characteristics. The granular texture reduces dust and improves flowability and the larger particle size also enhances mixability for a more consistent distribution.

Inorganic mineral forms such as oxides, sulfates and hydroxychlorides typically have lower bioavailability, Balchem reports. Inorganic minerals can react with other compounds in their environment and can bind with unabsorbable compounds like oxalates and phytates and pass through an animal unabsorbed.

By definition, a chelate is a chemical compound in which a metal molecule (mineral) and an organic molecule (ligand) are combined. The ligand is a critical component of a chelate that transforms the previously inorganic molecule into an organic mineral form, making it more bioavailable to animals.

Balchem’s new PuraChol line of choline products are available in multiple forms, carrier options and concentrations with liquid choline being the most common application in companion animal nutrition.

“Though the name PuraChol is new, customers can continue to expect the same premier quality and high standards they’ve come to know from Balchem,” said Jonathan Griffin, vice president and general manager of Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health. “We are building on Balchem’s long and distinguished history of scientific and manufacturing excellence with added transparency in our quality testing processes and enhanced supplier quality agreements, all to deliver a line of choline products with unmatched purity, safety and consistency.”

Balchem’s quality control testing program analyzes raw materials and finished goods for a range of contaminants including dioxins, mycotoxins, pathogens and pesticides to ensure product quality and purity. In February 2020, Balchem began releasing the results of its testing program to customers on a quarterly basis.

To support choline research in both the human and animal sectors, Balchem established a scientific advisory board to help direct research toward a better understanding of choline’s role in infant cognition, age-related cognitive decline and liver health in humans while seeking to better understand the impact of choline on epigenetic expression in animals.

Products in the PuraChol line applicable to pet diets are marketed under Balchem’s PetShure offerings.

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