ORLANDO, FLA. — Nulo Pet Food launched a new dog food line, Challenger, and promoted its recently added FrontRunner line during Global Pet Expo 2020. Each product in the new lines features several animal sources for protein as well as ancient grains, two widespread trends seen throughout the trade show floor.

Challenger features organic ancient grains including oats, millet and barley, as well as high levels of animal-based proteins.

The line includes one large small breed-specific formula, with ethically sourced haddock, salmon and Acadian redfish, as well as turkey and chicken meals as its leading sources of protein. According to Nulo, 83% of the crude protein in this diet comes from animal ingredients.  

Challenger also features a large breed puppy-specific diet with beef, lamb and pork in which 87% of the crude protein is from animal-based ingredients.

The other three formulas include a haddock, salmon and Acadian redfish formula at 83% animal-based protein for puppies and adult dogs; a beef, lamb and pork formula that includes 90% protein from animal sources for puppies and adult dogs; and a duck, turkey and guinea fowl formula with 90% protein from animal sources for puppies and adult dogs.

Nulo also launched FrontRunner in December 2019, which includes six “high-meat” dog diets with ancient grains: four for adults, one for puppies and one for small breeds.

FrontRunner formulas for adult dogs include beef, barley and lamb; chicken, oats and turkey; pork, barley and beef; and turkey, trout and spelt. The puppy-specific diet features chicken, oats and turkey, and the small breed-specific formula includes turkey, whitefish and quinoa.

Additionally, the company showcased two new freeze-dried raw formulas of cat food in the New Product Showcase, including a turkey and duck recipe and a chicken and salmon formula.

Each new freeze-dried cat diet is complete and balanced, grain-free and includes other ingredients such as cranberries, coconut oil, kelp, flaxseed and spinach. The company stated 98% of crude protein for each diet comes from animal sources.

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