ST. LOUIS — Practitioners, research veterinarians and nutritionists specializing in feline health gathered May 2 to 4 to hear the latest discoveries from industry scientists at the Companion Animal Nutrition (CAN) Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica.

During the conference, experts discussed the link between obesity, metabolism and diabetes in cats; feeding patterns influenced by cat food’s texture and availability; a deeper understanding of how amino acid deficiencies, such as taurine and carnitine, can adversely affect a cat’s health; the difference between feeding a wet diet versus a dry diet; and genomic medicine.

“The CAN Summit offers a dynamic forum to tackle important topics ranging from taurine deficiency and DCM to obesity and diabetes in cats. Insightful conversations among colleagues is likely to challenge long-held beliefs. Importantly, the powerful scientific findings being presented will help to shape the future of feline veterinary medicine and nutrition,” said RuthAnn Lobos, DVM, CCRT, manager of scientific programs and events for Purina Institute.

The conference is hosted by Purina Institute.

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