FRANCIS, Wis. — Gott Pet Products has unveiled new package designs for its Charlee Bear brand, including its Charlee Bear Original Recipe and Grain Free Bear Crunch dog treat products.

The packaging was redesigned to catch consumers’ attention from the shelves with bright colors, whimsical fonts and key product information printed on the packaging, such as “Made in the USA,” “Less than 3 calories per treat,” and the brand’s tagline, “Beary tasty treats!”

“We conducted several consumer focus groups to gauge potential purchase interest and help us optimize our packaging in a way that would allow us to better reach a female, dog-loving audience,” says Patrick McGarry, general manager of Gott Pet Products. “The new designs are intended to standout on shelves and attract a new generation of pet parents, while still appealing to our current and loyal customers. We’re excited to debut this new cohesive look that really ties our two lines together.”

Charlee Bear dog treats are intended for rewarding and training and are formulated with natural ingredients to be low-calorie and free from artificial ingredients. Gott Pet Products is a family-owned manufacturer of dog treats that has worked in the industry for more than 25 years.

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